Website Analytics

Do you want to know how your website is performing? Google Analytics provides valuable insights as to how many visitors your website is receiving, where your visitors are coming from and more. Google Analytics gives very valuable information for marketing managers and business owners.

We will provide you with a detailed monthly report, giving you valuable statistics regarding your website’s performance. This information can be used by marketing managers in order to determine strong point or weak points, as well as decide in which direction they would like to take their marketing efforts.

Analyse the following information when receiving your website analytics:

  • How much traffic (visitors) your website is getting
  • Calculate your website enquiries conversion rate
  • Determine areas on your website you need to improve
  • Analyse the keywords that bring traffic to your website – use this for your online marketing strategy
  • See how visitors are behaving on your website – how long they stay on your website

Evaluate your website today – get detailed monthly reports from SiteWeb Online Marketing.

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