Why content marketing?

We supply Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content and copywriting services for your website as part of your internet marketing strategy

We will:

  • Rich content needs to be added regularly for a successful website
  • Content needs to be optimised as per the SEO best practices, containing relevant keywords and other technical aspects
  • Adding valuable content should be an ongoing effort, and can also be used on other platforms including social media

Content marketing makes up a big part of an online marketing strategy and entails the adding of rich and valuable content to your website, blogs and other social platforms on a regular basis. If you want your website to perform well on Google search results, adding content regularly is a must – Google loves new and relevant content. The aim of content marketing is to get your website more visibility in Google search results, ultimately increasing the amount of visitors to the website.

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Why content marketing is an essential part of any online marketing strategy

Content marketing is not only implemented on your website, but various other social media platforms. Create contact that your customers would want to share.

The more people view and share your content, the more customers will ultimately be directed to your website.

Linking to your website from other platforms assists in building backlinks too your website, which assists in improving your Google ranking position.

Once you have gained an efficient organic ranking position, it reduces the need to make use of paid online advertising such as Google Adwords.

How to create valuable content

Create content that your customers deem valuable. Valuable content will hold perceived benefits for the clients, and can be informative, educational or just interesting. The topic of the content needs to fit in with your target audience’s audience interests and needs

The content should also be easily sharable by your target audience on different platforms including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc., and will also help to grow your social reach on these platforms.