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Siteweb suggested Facebook Advertising and with our help, 90% of the new visitors to the website came via their Facebook Ad campaign. Even though the marketing budget was limited, the success from a low budget was incredible.

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What was done?

In our experience with Facebook Advertising, we knew that most visitors that will respond to a Facebook ad, will come to the website via a mobile device. This is why we created a mobile friendly website with mobile friendly landing pages that included video demonstrations.


The mobile friendly website made enquiries very easy. Siteweb continued to monitor the results and continued to implement small changes on the landing pages to improve the quality and quantity of the sales leads.


The mobile friendly website made enquiries Facebook proved to be very successful at creating brand awareness for their product.

The Results

Siteweb created an new Facebook ad weekly. This resulted in a steady flow of new visitors. Feedback from our client was that 500 products were sold in the first 75 days of Facebook advertising.

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