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SiteWeb’s team consists of a small group of vibrant members, each playing an essential role in our website design company’s success. We like to believe that a successful business begins in the office – by combining our diverse strengths and talents, our hearts beat as one when it comes to our valuable clients. Meet our professional, experienced, crazy coffee-loving team below!

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Friedel Coetsee

Position: The BOSS

About the Boss: Friedel is the brains behind SiteWeb Online Marketing, and it is NO coincidence the name Friedel rhymes with Google (well sort of). If Google didn’t invent Google, Friedel would have.

Hobbies: Friedel enjoys surfing the net, and “googling” our client’s keywords when no-one is looking. He is also a cake-addict, currently struggling with this addiction as cake is a regular snack at SiteWeb. Friedel takes quick 40km jogs during lunch time to stay in shape.

Favourite part of the day: Braai-time

Favourite saying: Vi-seker!


Bonèta van Staden

Tasks and responsibilities: Bonèta has extensive experience with computers, and her tasks include checking emails, reading emails, deleting emails, clicking, double clicking and many other computer related tasks. Bonèta is also responsible for convincing new clients as to why they should make use of SiteWeb’s awesome services, as well as bringing biltong for the team on her way back.

Strength: Making coffee (and actually remembering how everyone takes their tea / coffee). Boneta will sell a website to a website designer.

Weakness: A good love song will bring Bonèta to tears

Favourite saying: Heerlikheid-tog-freakin-hel

About Bonèta: Bonèta is a firm believer that the right colour nail polish can brighten up the darkest of days. She enjoys snacking on soggy all-bran and will beat any man under the table when it comes to eating biltong.

Favourite Movie: The Notebook


Julie Thiya

Position: Gate-keeper, time-keeper and full time website designer

About Julie: Julie is the serious one. She always sees the cup as half full, except when she makes the coffee – then it’s half empty (literally)… Julie can build a website in a day, and when she is in ‘The Zone’ there is no stopping her.

Hobbies: Julie enjoys long baths, collecting grocery store pamphlets and talking to people on the telephone who dialled the wrong number.

Favourite saying: Moving swiftly along…


Zeandre West

Position: What doesn’t Zeandre do at SiteWeb? Zeandre is the glue that holds SiteWeb together.

Strength: Anything and everything about websites and Google

Weakness: Being put on hold / Cupcakes

Favourite food: Food

Hobbies and about: Zeandre enjoys long walks to the fridge and eating. He frequently tries new hairstyles, loves the smell of a new (or used) computer and secretly believes in unicorns.

Favourite Movie: Wreck it Ralph and Grease

Motto: Whatever.


Belinda Botha aka “Cake Boss”

Position: Copywriter and Cupcake Expert

Strength: By using her online dictionary Belinda has a way with words that will make anyone’s heart pump custard.

Weakness: She has to start her day with Chocolate milk, or else the spelling mistakes take over.

Hobbies: Belinda enjoys online shopping, whether it is for the latest Zando dress or a new lens for her camera. Luckily she is very good at saving enough money in just a few days to spoil herself often. When she is not in the kitchen icing cupcakes, she attends photo school where she is mastering the art of taking your picture without you even knowing it. (Stalker-alert)

Belinda believes: That no one should have to endure a full day at the office.


Hannes “Die Masjien” Lombard

Position: Website Designer and part time waterboy

Strength: …….kriek kriek………

Weakness: None (except logo designing)

Hobbies: When spending time with Hannes, you will feel like a kid again. Hannes’ favourite past time is designing plastic aeroplanes and drinking water. Hannes loves kittens, and will trade his front teeth for a rainbow roll from Sushi at Gary’s.

Hannes believes: Give a man O2 infused water, and he’ll live forever until he dies.

Hannes hates it when… there is too much milk in his coffee, even though he politely thanks Bonèta for her effort.


Nico Roux

Position: The Sales Guy

Strength: Nico can sell ice to an Eskimo, and has impeccable sense of smell – he can sniff out a chocolate bar within a 1km radius.

About Nico: Nico is a lover of food, which is why he was chosen to be a part of our dynamic and always hungry team (oh and because he’s a good with sales and people). He has recently been pressured into jogging, and kicked off his first run with a whopping 100m jog. Nico is also a fan of the Red Socks (not quite sure which rugby team that is).

Favourite saying: Wat eet ons?

Weakness: Nico is still trying to determine which foods classify as carb-free.

Nico believes… if you can’t eat it, sell it!


Stephan Lombard

Position: Web guy

About Stephan: Building websites comes as second nature to Stephan, who performs at his best when nibbling on some tasty biltong or sipping on a Monster energy drink. As a man of few words, you will never hear him complain (except when being parked in). In a nutshell, Stephan is the perfect addition to the Siteweb Team.

Strength: Let’s hope it wasn’t in his hair, because he recently shaved it all off!

Weakness: None that we know of yet…

Hobbies: Pimping his ride

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